33th edition of Futuro Remoto

FCA was involved in the 33th edition of Futuro Remoto (Naples), this year related “to be 4.0. Industrial revolution histories from Leonardo da Vinci, until today”.

The exhibition took place at Città della Scienza from 21th to 24th November 2019 and was opened to visitors of all ages, starting from primary school.

During the event, three LIFE BIOBCOMPO prototypes were exposed:

  • Aerodynamic central shield molded with PP-23% Cellulose Fiber-HOMO
  • Aerodynamic side shield molded with PP-20% Cellulose Fiber-COPO
  • Cluster reinforcement molded with PP-20% Cellulose Fiber 10% Talc HOMO

During the 4 days of the exhibition, around 500 visitors visited the stand.

33th edition of Futuro Remoto (Naples)

33th edition of Futuro Remoto (Naples)


Now the three LIFE BIOBCOMPO prototypes are at Città della Scienza in a temporary exhibition, organized from University of Naples, based on “surface vehicles, planes and marine 4.0, the challenges of the future for transport”. The exhibition opened during the Futuro Remoto event and it is still open until 20th February 2020. During the 1st workshop, Futuro Remoto event and Città della Scienza ongoing exhibition, all communication materials (flyer) have been distributed.


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