Final Monitoring Visit

10th November 2022 in Katowice (PL) at SAPA Polska Plant, LIFE BIOBCOMPO Final monitoring visit was successfully completed.

During the physical meeting, the Partnership showed the Monitor all the carried out technical progress steps, the dissemination activities and the development and manufacturing of the prototypes made.

The Monitor, Dr. Zbigniew Karaczun by NEEMO EEIG – Institute of Landscape Ecology SAS (Poland), complimented the activity. As He said: “This is certainly a huge success in the European LIFE European Programme”.

This European project has produced an innovative technology based on new formulations of biocomposite materials based on plastics and cellulose fibers . This, in turn, will reduce the overall weight of the car and thus also reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. More precisely, the new technologies adopted make it possible to reduce the weight of a single component by up to 8% compared to the plastics commonly used in current production.

As a completely dedicated event was created, the press was also involved in order to transfer both the relevance of the BIOBCOMPO project and the European LIFE Program financial instrument. Below the articles:

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