Final Event of LIFE BIOBCOMPO Project

February 23, 2023 in Stellantis &You Italia (Napoli), it was held the Final Dissemination Event of the LIFE BIOBCOMPO Project “Lightweight polymer composites for lower emission vehicles”. it was aimed at sharing the important results achieved during the project.

The main objective, around which the work has been structured, is the reduction of the environmental impact of vehicles, through the development and therefore the industrialization of innovative formulations of low-density biocomposites for the automotive sector.

Sophia High Tech and Sophia CZ, supported by SAPA Group, FCA and CRF, organized the last event (Final Dissemination Event) of the LIFE BIOBCOMPO project, in order to present, spread and valorize all the outcome of the Project to a wide group of representatives from industries, research institutes and governments and to receive feedback from key stakeholders. With the aim of creating a dynamic conference model, with the exhibition of vehicles, parts and materials developed in the project, it was chosen the Stellantis &You Napoli (ex Motor Village) as the location. It took place 23 Febbraio 2023 – h09.00.

In addition to the Partners who collaborated in the realization of the project, the Councilor for Research and Innovation of the Campania Region Valeria Fascione, Dr. Eva Milella, President of the IMAST Technological District, and representatives of the academic and industrial.

The event was divided into three parts: two informative sessions, with interventions in the form of presentations, and a workshop section, in the break between the two speech sessions, with the annexed exhibition of elements created during the project and installed on the car.

The first session, the contents of which are strictly related to the project, was developed and performed directly by the Partners, who described the activities carried out and the results obtained, each focusing on the aspects and activities of their own competence. There are four interventions lasting 10 minutes each, plus 5/10 minutes for any questions. In particular, the method of presenting the project through the LIFE funding program of the European Community was also announced.

The workshop part was a dynamic moment of comparison and discussion, in which the components made with the validated formulations were shown and described:

  • LANCIA Y, cupola framework: PP 20CF 10 GF – homopolymer polypropylene loaded with 20% cellulose and 10% glass fiber – prototype components + vehicle;
  • ALFA ROMEO Giulia aerodynamic guards: PP 23 CF homopolymer polypropylene loaded with 23% cellulose fiber – prototype components.

The second session of speeches is made up of speeches by industry experts, university professors and managers, who spoke about topics related to the project, including sustainability, emissions reduction and innovation at the service of the environment:

🎙️Eva Milella – President at IMAST District

🎙️Alfonso Molaro – R&D Engineer at Sapa Group SpA

🎙️Vito Guido Lambertini – Project Manager at Centro Ricerche Fiat

🎙️Gennaro Rotoloni – Project Manager at FCA Italy S.p.A.

🎙️Nicola Sicignano – R&D Engineer at Sòphia High Tech

🎙️Zbigniew Karaczun – LIFE BIOBCOMPO Monitor

🎙️ Valeria Fascione – Innovation Assessor at Regione Campania

🎙️Massimo Rinaldi – EU Funding Development Manager in Warrant Hub – Tinexta Group

🎙️Sara Liparoti – Researcher at Università degli Studi di Salerno

🎙️Francesco Castellacci – Plant and Technical Director at STARCELL S.p.A.

🎙️ Chidichimo Giuseppe – Professor at Università della Calabria

🎙️ Fabrizio Sarasini – Professor at Sapienza Università di Roma

🎙️ Verdolotti Letizia – Researcher at Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Then, Final Event was divided into five phases. After a preliminary registration, there were:

  1. Welcome and opening workshop (with welcome coffee)
  2. Networking opportunities by the Guests
  3. LIFE Biobcompo specific presentations
  4. Similar research programs
  5. Open discussion and conclusion


– Agenda – BIOBCOMPO Final Dissemination Event [è UN PDF]

– Poster – BIOBCOMPO Final Dissemination Event [è UN PDF]

– Photo – BIOBCOMPO Final Dissemination Event [è UNO ZIP]


With the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community LIFE17 CCM/PL/000049

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